Welcome to The Garden!

We here at the garden focus on nurturing total mind, body and spirit in order for a person to live a more rewarding and fulfilling life with ease joy and glory.  Many People existing in the working world are depleted of energy consumed by stress and poor diet, resulting in unnecessary disease, pain and stress. We here at the garden have over 10 practitioners whose sole purpose is to put all aspects of health, vitality and strength to prime optimal health. 

We are educators, mentors, coaches, doctors, healers, intuitives, and therapists utilizing all of the tools available to us to assist you in bringing health, joy, bliss and glory back into all aspects of your life. Why choose to suffer when you can thrive? We here at the garden have assisted our community in shifting 100's of peoples lives back to a more fulfilling uplifting healthy lifestyle!  When you are tired of feeling tired, miserable, unhealthy, unaware, sad, sick, empty…and you ARE READY TO SHIFT…please visit us….let us assist you in activating your own magnificent healing systems that lie within your miraculous body as it is your birth right! Lets begin by getting to know…

Our Founder…

Ginger's "Dream Team"

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    The Lobby Area
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    The Hallway
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    The Entrance
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    Our previous Oneness Meditation Room


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